PCC-1 Branch at Hung Yen - a leading plant in Vietnam in the fabrication of materials, equipment, steel structures for oil, chemical and civil projects.

Thuy Ha

10:43 AM @ Friday - 13 September, 2013

Adjacent to the concrete plant of PCC-1 is the mechanical plant in full operation. Everybody is at his work place.. Someone is cutting, the other is welding. the other one is boring, and another one is abrading before painting.

The whole plant is a chain. At one end come raw materials, at the other end go ready-made products. Machinery and equipment are of new make from Korea, Japan and USA. Many are automatically operated by computerized control board and subsequent quality inspection by engineers/technicians. The products being fabricated are tank components (tank hull, vertical tank lids, horizontal tank sides), pressurized steel columns; besides are various smaller items like valves, T-shapes, elbows, connecting surfaces… for oil, chemical and civil projects.

PCC-1 Tank and Steel Structures Plant at work

Fabrication of tank vault and hull by Hydraulic press machine 800 tons

Flanging machine for 6m diameter

CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC hydraulic rolling machine

Beam straightening machine

Auto gantry welding machine

Pressure vesel automatic welding machine

Automatic blasting equipment

Pile-pressing for enlarging plant premise.

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