Petrolimex Annual Report 2020

Excellence in Management,
Excellence in Value

2021 marks a year of a new normal and a strong recovery, containing plenty of opportunities and challenges in a post-volatile economic environment. With our Group’s long history and determination, we believe Petrolimex will continue to make a spectacular breakthrough and achieve the Group’s objectives.

Chairman of the Board

Chairman's letter

Top 50

Vietnam's best listed companies

4 years

Number 1 in revenue for the 4th year in a row


Consolidated Revenue of 2020

Reaching 102% of the budget


VND's billion

Consolidated Profit before Tax

Reaching 90% of the budget


VND's billion

Total petroleum sales volume

Reaching 102% of the budget


million m3

Owner' equity

Reaching 93% of 2019


VND's billion

Total resources

Reaching 99% of 2019


VND's billion

Total employees
of the Group as of 2020



Results of main operating segments

Several numbers of
main operating segments

Development Orientation

The key goal of Petrolimex is to become Vietnam’s leading energy group with core business line is petroleum trading, perform multi-ownership, focus on investment and development of relating and supporting business segments for petroleum trading.

Product development strategy

Research, develop terminal project to receive and provide liquefied natural gas (LNG) to combined-cycle gas-turbine thermal power plants in Van Phong Economic Zone, Ninh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province (LNG terminal project in My Giang).

"Look for a comprehensive solution to improve operations in subordinate units with petroleum station network, for example: Renewal in organizational model, business methodology, internal control mechanism, technological and technical innovation, improvements in human resources and market capture, etc.

Seek and take advantages of a wide range of value-added utilities of petroleum station chain such as: Self-service, lubricant charging services, car wash, supermarkets, restaurants, services supporting financial payment, banking, etc.

Comprehensively evaluate the efficiency of using investment capital and assets of the Group and units; strengthen further the management of investment in other businesses; aggregate its resources for investment and business in core business with comparative advantages.

Invest in construction of petroleum projects to stabilize tankage, ensuring the creation and reservation of inventory"

"Focus on modernizing technical facilities of terminals, pipelines, petroleum station network and petroleum transporting vehicles in an orientation of standardization and unification throughout the industry.

Innovate and apply IT to business performance progress to promptly fulfill and conform to the Industry 4.0 era.

Personnel training strategy

Maintain and improve intermediate training courses for officers.

Enhance skills and knowledge for employees and staff in the digital transformation period."

Financial statements

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Overview of 2020 workforce

By defining human resource as the most valuable asset and decisive factor for sustainable development of the Group, Petrolimex has built a Professional-Responsible-Effective human resource. This is also one of the Group’s long-term strategies. Petrolimex always pays attention to and creates favorable conditions for human resource development. Human resource development strategy is always accompanied by the Group’s development strategy and considered as an important part of each plan and decisive factor for the Group’s business performance.



Petrolimex aims to become an effective and sustainable energy Group that always ensures maximum safety in energy trading activities, and steady growth in harmony with social, economic and environmental sustainability factors.

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