By choosing eco-friendly and high-quality products, Petrolimex has helped reduce a significant amount of emissions into the environment

Petrolimex is a key petroleum distributor that accounts for the largest market share in the country. The selection of products plays a major role that influences the quality of emissions into the environment. Being aware of this, Petrolimex has been a pioneer in complying with the Government’s regulations on selecting clean and eco-friendly products:

  • Replacing all RON 92 products with E5 by December 15, 2018 – 15 days ahead of the Government’s deadline
  • Being the first and only company supplying RON 95 - IV, DO 0.001S – V, FO 0.5S bunker fuel (15 days ahead of the deadline) in 2019.

To that end, it requires large investment in facilities, technology, etc.

Pioneering in supplying green energy:
Greenhouse gas emission mitigation

Total emissions reduced thanks to consumption of eco-friendly energy products in 2019

Oil spills are controlled by a contingent of well-trained human resources and fully-equipped material resources

It can be said that oil spill is the incident of top concern in petroleum-related activities. Oil spills may give rise to pollution issues in surrounding environments, and be a major cause of fire and explosion.

Petrolimex controls and prevents oil spills through a system of oil spill response, human and material resources. Oil spill response plans are available at all petrol terminals and stations. All petroleum member companies have their own steering boards of oil spill response. Oil spill response exercises are planned on an annual basis, either internally or in cooperation with local bodies.

Oil spill response training and exercises in the 2015-2019 period


Oil spill response exercises


Training courses on oil spill response


Participants in training courses

Oil spill response exercise in 2019

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