Petrolimex Laos recorded a high volume in lubricant business in 2013

Nguyen Duc LongDirector of Lubricant Assurance Department of PLC Corporation - PLC
11:43' SA - Thứ hai, 13/01/2014

On the 9th January 2014 at the office of Petrolimex Laos in Vientiane, People’s Democratic Republic of Laos , PLC Corporation visited and worked with Petrolimex Laos Single-member Company Limited to conduct a mutual assessment and review of Petrolimex lubricant business in Laotian market and discuss for an agreement to boost the business in Laos in the year 2014.

PLC Corporation visited and worked with Petrolimex Laos on Jan.9, 2014

Petrolimex Laos organized a visit by Laotian industrial lubricant customers to Nha Be Lubricant Plant of PLC Corporation in Ho Chi Minh city

In June 2013 the first batch of Petrolimex lubricants was exported to Petrolimex Laos: almost all Petrolimex high grade lubricants were produced by PLC and packaged with labels in English for Petrolimex Laos to introduce to market.

Pictures of some products of PLC exported to Petrolimex Laos:

Total volume of Petrolimex lubricants exported to Petrolimex Laos amounted to nearly 100 tons. This is the first step of success serving as a base for PLC and Petrolimex Laos to continue their development strategy to expand their business and increase the volume and market share in 2014 and coming years.

Reviewing the results of 2013, Mr. Phan Van Minh, Chairman and Director General of Petrolimex Laos said: .

- Petrolimex lubricants have beautiful labels and packing, high quality, up to international standard, suitable to the taste of customers in Laotian market.

- In 2013, Petrolimex Laos organized: the opening of service stations of Petrolimex identification; for the first time introducing Petrolimex lubricants in Vientiane capital; inviting typical and big Laotian customers of industrial lubricants to visit Nha Be Lubricant Plant in Ho Chi Minh City , the above aimed at convincing Laotian customers to trust in and opt for Petrolimex lubricants

The opening of Petrolimex Laos service station of Petrolimex identification

The introduction of Petrolimex lubricants in Vientiane Capital of Laos

- Petrolimex brand must go together and link with products and services of Petrolimex including Petrolimex lubricants. Therefore from 2014 Petrolimex Laos will continue to increase the volume , expand market share and strongly focus on the retail of Petrolimex lubricants in cans and Petrolimex industrial lubricants for big projects.

- Petrolimex Laos will coordinate with PLC to organize a synchronized campaign to propagate Petrolimex lubricant brand, conduct technical training on Petrolimex lubricants, and programs to boost sales to convince Laotian customers.

- In 2014, strive to increase sale volume by 300% to 400% as compared with 2013.

To fulfill Petrolimex lubricant export program to Petrolimex Laos in 2014 and coming years, Mr. Le Quang Tuan, Vice Director General of PLC Corporation expressed his commitment to Petrolimex Laos, as follows:

- Organize the production, package , transport and export to Petrolimex Laos of Petrolimex lubricants which are suitable to the taste and demand of Laotian customers and Petrolimex Laos’ sale strategy; products of international standards certified by PLC with quality approved and registered in Vietnam. To satisfactorily arrange logistics so as to continuously supply amply, timely and exactly as required by Petrolimex Laos order.

-Together with Petrolimex Laos to carry out the programs: propagate and introduce Petrolimex lubricants at Petrolimex Laos service stations and Laotian market. To conduct technical training on Petrolimex lubricants for officers and workers of Petrolimex Laos, industrial customers; the chain of commercial, distribution and consumers agents of Petrolimex Laos; Organize sale campaigns for Petrolimex Laos in 2014.

- To speed up the promotion of sale to industrial customers, lubricants in cans; and together with Petrolimex Laos to increase the sale volume by 3 to 4 times as compared with outcome in 2013.

- PLC will continue to uphold the good relations in lubricant business between PLC and Petrolimex Laos and Vientiane Oil Company (Laos Army Oil Company has had traditional relations with PLC over the past 20 years in the supply of lubricants for Laotian Army)

Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation would like to express since gratitude to the collective officers and men of Petrolimex Laos for the latter’s successful business of Petrolimex lubricants in Laotian market in 2013. On the occasion of the new year 2014, Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation would like to wish the collective officers and men of Petrolimex Laos, its industrial customers, commercial, distribution and consumers agents a Happy New Year 2014, a New Year of Good Health and A Spring of Prosperity.

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