Petrolimex Director General Tran Van Thinh

Year of the Horse spring comes with success

03:17' PM 24/01/2014
The year 2014 for the East Asians is the Year of the Horse which is linked with the motto “The Horse arrives with Success” . I would like to quote this phrase to express my wish for the coming Spring.

Practical movement would be responded

02:49' PM 24/01/2014
Trade Union work is easy or difficult, how to build the worker s movement in the new phase…Industry and Trade Magazine (ITM) would like to introduce the interview with Mr. Dinh Thai Huong, Chairman of Vietnam Petroleum Trade Union.

PECO: The most modern producer of Oil Dispenser in Vietnam

03:59' PM 16/09/2013
Industry and Trade newspaper: Many people know that Tatsuno oil dispensers produced and distributed by Petrolimex Petroleum Equipment Joint Stock Company but they do not know on what agreement they are produced and by what procedure they are made.
PCC-1: The leading bird of Petrolimex in the sector of installation and mechanical fabrication

Outstanding projects completed by PCC-1

11:12' AM 19/09/2013
The two previous reports wrote about PCC-1 capacity. This report would like to introduce to readers of Industry and Trade Review some outstanding projects completed by PCC-1 in its course of development.
PCC-1: The leading bird of Petrolimex in the sector of installation and mechanical fabrication (continued)

PCC-1 Branch at Hung Yen – a leading plant in Vietnam in the fabrication of materials, equipment, steel structures for oil, chemical and civil projects.

10:43' AM 13/09/2013
Adjacent to the concrete plant of PCC-1 is the mechanical plant in full operation. Everybody is at his work place.. Someone is cutting, the other is welding. the other one is boring, and another one is abrading before painting.

PCC-1: The leading bird of Petrolimex in the building and installation sector

10:12' AM 12/09/2013
In a further quest into Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex), we visited and worked with Petrolimex Building and Installation Joint Stock Company (PCC-1), the leading bird of Petrolimex in the sector of building and installation.

Petrolimex Lubricants: The pride of Petrolimex

02:36' PM 23/08/2013
In Vietnam, lubricant (lub) business is run by market mechanism in which the state does not regulate the price. This is really a competitive market. Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation (PLC) which is friendly named “Petrolimex lubricant”
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